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Part of the Power that would
Always wish Evil, and always works the Good.

I am the spirit, ever, that denies!
And rightly so: since everything created,
In turn deserves to be annihilated:

Better if nothing came to be.
So all that you call Sin, you see,
Destruction, in short, what you’ve meant
By Evil is my true element.

I’m speaking the truth to you, and modestly.
Even if Man’s accustomed to take
His small world for the Whole, that’s his mistake:
I’m part of the part, that once was - everything,
Part of the darkness, from which Light, issuing,

Proud Light, emergent, disputed the highest place
With its mother Night, the bounds of Space,
And yet won nothing, however hard it tried,
Still stuck to Bodily Things, and so denied.
It flows from bodies, which it beautifies,

And bodies block its way:
I hope the day’s not far away
When it, along with all these bodies, dies.

And frankly it’s a sorry tale.
What’s set against the Nothingness,
The Something, World’s clumsiness,
Despite everything I’ve tried,

Won’t become a nothing: though I’d
Storms, quakes, and fires on every hand,
It deigned to stay as sea and land!
And those Men and creatures, all the damned,
It’s no use my owning any of that crew:

How many I’ve already done with too!
Yet new fresh blood is always going round.
So it goes on, men make me furious!
With water, earth and air, of course,
A thousand buds unfurl

In wet and dry, warm and cold!
And if I hadn’t kept back fire of old,
I’d have nothing left at all.

from: "Faust" Part I, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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